In 2009 Leogate Estate leased the former Tempus Two Winery (which was itself established in 2004/5) from the Roche Family and, having also purchased all of the installed winery plant and equipment, commenced winemaking there at harvest in 2010.

Construction of the new winery building on Brokenback Vineyard was completed in 2012, and the former Tempus Two Winery plant and equipment was then dismantled and reassembled within the new building. Our first harvest to be processed within the new winery was 2013. In 2014 the new winery processed some 340 tonnes of grapes (including 100 tonnes of contract customers’ grapes), but has a capacity to process in excess of 500 tonnes of grapes.

The two sets of cast-iron front gates to Brokenback Vineyard carry a lion rampant. Hence the name, logo, and wine label “Leogate Estate”.