The Gates Dry Aged Steaks

Nolan’s Private Select Black Angus Grain Feed Dry Aged Steaks

Private Selection is the premium brand of beef from Nolan Meats. Private Selection is produced from grain finished yearling beef, renowned for superior eating quality  and is characterised by a clean juicy taste, which on eating, delivers a light crisp flavour on the palate. Private Selection comes only from beef that complies with the production and processing requirements to exceed the MSA eating quality money-back guarantee standards and is hung by the tenderstretch method to enhance tenderness.

Here at Villa du Pays we hang whole primal cuts of beef from Nolan’s private selection in our dry ageing room for 4-6 weeks before serving to achieve maximum concentration of flavours and tenderness. Only the finer cuts of beef are dry aged as the process requires a large, evenly distributed marbling content and involves considerable expense.

Our specifically constructed and equipped dry ageing room operates in the manner of a very cold storage unit (running at 1-2 degrees Celsius), but with all moisture extracted from the room.

The key effects of the process of dry ageing beef are the concentration and saturation of the natural flavours, as well as the tenderisation of the meat texture. This Process changes the beef by two means: Firstly, moisture is evaporated from the muscle creating a greater concentration of beef flavour and secondly the beefs natural enzymes break down the connective tissue in the muscle which’s leads to more tender beef.

Dry aged Beef is typically not sold outside of specialist restaurants because of the time/cost involved in the process and the significant loss of weight (approximately one third) experienced by the beef.

We at Restaurant Villa du Pays recommend for best eating all steaks should be cook no more then medium rare as with dry ageing the beef it has less moisture resulting in much dryer meat if cooked for longer periods of time.